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Are IGNOU Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates recognised?

Yes. IGNOU is a Central University established by Act of Parliament in 1985 (Act No 50 of 1985). IGNOU Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates are recognised by all the members of the Association of the Indian Universities (AIU) and AICTE and are at part with Degrees/Diplomas /Certificates of all the Indian Universities/Deemed Universities/Institutions.

What is the procedure for taking admission by an International student?

IGNOU offers its selected programmes for the international students through its overseas Partner Institutes who render student support services to such students in accepting the forms, assignments, synopsis, project and conducting the examination on behalf of IGNOU etc. The students intending to pursue the IGNOU programs should contact the concerned Partner Institute in their vicinity and fill the admission form along with the requisite fees within the prescribed date.

After taking admission in any programmecan a student cancel the admission and request for refundoffee?

As per IGNOU norms, Fee once paid will not be refunded under anycircumstances. It is also not adjustable against any otherprogramme of this University. However, in cases whereUniversity denies admission, theprogramme fee will berefunded after deduction of registration fee throughA/c Payee Cheque Only.

When will I be notified of my acceptance?

You will be notified of your acceptance usually within two months after the receipt of your application in the Regional Centre when the review process has been completed.

What is an auto generated Control Number?

An auto generated Control Number is allotted provisionally after submission of online application form.

What if I forget to take printout of Online Application Form after submission?

One has to go the link http://onlineadmission.ignou.ac.in/PrintForm.asp and can download/print the form again.

What should I do after submitting on-line application ?

After submitting online application, applicant is required to submit following documents along with the computer generated Control No. to the concerned Regional Centre on a before the last date.

Assignments & Projects

Whenshould the Assignment be submitted?

It should be submitted as per the last date mentioned on Assignmentsof respective session of admission.

How much time it takes for updating assignmentsmarks/Grades on the IGNOU‟s website?

It takes about 30 working days for updating assignment marks on the IGNOU website.

Where can I get the best solved assignments for IGNOU?

We (IGNOU Assignment Center) provide the best verified and professor approved assignments for all famous IGNOU courses. Please make sure to write the assignment in good handwriting to get the best marks.

How many assignments do I need to submit?

You need to submit one assignment for each 8 credit course. For Project Work (MWGP 001), you will need to submit a Project Report as per procedures.

How do I find out about assignment submission deadlines?

Assignment submission deadlines are announced by the university for all programmes on the IGNOU website. Check the website on regular basis for updates: http://www.ignou.ac.in/

Where can I access current assignments?

Current assignments are always uploaded on the IGNOU website under Student Zone: http://www.ignou.ac.in/ignou/studentzone Assignments are also uploaded on the WGS forums created for these programmes. Always look for and submit the fresh assignments provided for the current year. Once fresh assignments are uploaded, the old assignments are no longer valid.

How do I submit assignments?

Submit assignments to your Study Centre/Regional Centre as per the instructions given by the Regional Centre. Include your contact information (programme code, course code, enrollment no, email, phone) on assignments. If only hard copies are being accepted as per instructions provided by your Regional Centre, send hand written, signed assignments to the address provided to you. In case soft copies are being accepted during extenuating circumstances such as Covid 19, these must be signed and scanned. If you have opted for SOGDS as your RC, submit your assignments to sogds@ignou.ac.in Assignments must be submitted as single documents for each course. Do not submit separate pages and do not combine assignments for two courses in a single document.

Do assignments need to be handwritten and signed or can these be typed?

Assignments need to be hand written and signed. They cannot be typed.

If I miss an assignment or exam in the current semester, what should I do?

In case you miss the assignment submission deadline, you may still be able to submit it late. However, this may entail a late fee for the related Term End Exam. If you have submitted the assignment but miss an exam, you can appear for the exam in any subsequent semester.

If I have not submitted assignment/s or appeared for exam/s in a previous semester, what should I do to complete incomplete courses?

If you have not submitted assignments, or missed exams for course/s for which you were registered in any previous semester, you can do so in any subsequent semester as long as it is within the maximum time provided for programme completion. However, you must attempt the fresh assignments valid for the current semester, and not an old assignment.

Do I need to re-submit assignments if I have not completed a course

No, once your assignment for any course has been received and evaluated, it does not need to be re-submitted even if you did not appear for the exam at the end of that semester. Your assignment marks will remain valid.


What is the procedure for paying exam fee?

Exam fees can be paid online through the IGNOU website.

How many exams can I appear for at the end of any semester?

You may appear for exams for all courses for which you are registered during the current semester. If you have missed any previous exams, you may also appear for any number of previous missed exams by paying the appropriate exam fee, as long as assignments for these courses have been submitted by you. You cannot appear for exams for future courses for which you are not currently registered. Check your course registration status online on the IGNOU website.

Do I need to travel to Delhi for exams?

No, you do not need to travel to Delhi for exams. You can opt for an exam center close to you from the list provided on the IGNOU website.


How one can submit Synopsis for Project?

The student has to prepare the brief of Project under the guidance of project supervisor (kindly refer point No. 4 of MS-100 guidelines for project course)

Is submission of Synopsis sufficient for submitting the project for completion of the programme?

No, the Synopsis submitted by the student is forwarded to the concerned school / faculty. The outcome of the same is intimated to the student through PI. If the Synopsis is approved then only the student may start preparing working on the Project.

How much time it takes for approval/disapproval of the Synopsis?

As per IGNOU norms it takes three months‟ times for approval / disapproval of Synopsis

What is the process of submitting the project?

The project report is to be submitted with the original approval of Synopsis duly authenticated by the project supervisor along with the bio-data of the supervisor and a certificate of originality as specified in the guidelines on the project.

Can I choose my own supervisor for Project Work?

No, supervisors are assigned by the faculty in the school based on areas of expertise. Once a supervisor has been assigned and your proposal has been approved, you can move ahead with your research.

How long (word limit) should the project be? Can it be typed or does it have to be handwritten?

The Project Report can range between 3000-5000 words, provided it includes all the descriptions that are required for a project (Introductions, etc.). It can be either typed or handwritten.


If I have a query, who should I contact?

Admission/Registration related queries: Contact Online Admissions ✓ Queries related to hard copy of course material: Contact MPDD ✓ Programme related queries: Contact the programme coordinators ✓ Course related queries: Contact the course coordinator ✓ Project Work: Contact the course coordinator - Prof. Himadri Roy ✓ Internship: Contact Prof. Nilima Srivastava ✓ Technical difficulties with registration on WGS forum: contact Mr. Ashutosh Sharma ✓ Re-Registration Queries: Contact the Student Registration Division ✓ Assignment submission queries: Contact your Regional Centre/ Study Centre ✓ Exam/evaluation related queries: Contact the Student Evaluation Division

What are the list of important contacts?

Programme Coordinators: MAWGS : Prof. Anu Aneja and Prof. Nilima Srivastava PGDWGS : Prof. Anu Aneja and Prof. Himadri Roy Project Work (MWGP-001) Coordinator: Prof. Himadri Roy Registration on Online Forum: Mr. Ashutosh Sharma, ashusharma79@ignou.ac.in (for forum registration process only; not for academic queries!) Online Admissions: onlineadmission@ignou.ac.in
Student Registration Division: srd@ignou.ac.in ; registrarsrd@ignou.ac.in
Student Evaluation Division: evaluationsed@ignou.ac.in or assignments@ignou.ac.in
Material Production and Distribution Division: mpdd@ignou.ac.in (only for hard copy of study material)

Will I have to attend in person classes?

Face to face classes are not mandatory for these programmes.

Is there an online interface for this programme?

Yes, online interface is available through various means – an asynchronous WGS forum that has been created for each of the two programmes – MAWGS and PGDWGS. Online academic support is provided on this forum. You can post queries, participate in online discussions on specific topics, access articles, audio and video recordings, and post relevant links, articles and creative work of your own to start a discussion with your peers. We also have a Google Classroom where information about upcoming webinars is posted.

How do I join the Google Classroom?

Upon registration, you will receive an email invite to join the Google Classroom. In case of any difficulties, send an email with your enrollment details to the Programme Coordinators.

How do I access study material?

Self Learning Material (SLM) can be accessed in digital form from any of the following sites: ✓ http://egyankosh.ac.in/handle/123456789/1368 ✓ IGNOU App on your mobile phone ✓ MAWGS forum: http://wgforum.ignouonline.ac.in/wgforum/mawgsforum/ucp.php ✓ PGDWGS forum: http://wgforum.ignouonline.ac.in/wgforum/pgdwgsforum/ucp.php

Will I get hard copies of the study material?

You will recieve hard copies of SLM only if you have opted for these at the time of registration. In case of delay in receipt of SLM, contact mpdd@ignou.ac.in

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